17:00 - 17:45

Track C

Anton Boyko
Senior Solution Architect, MVP


15+ years of experience with Microsoft technologies (development, devops, architecture)
- Microsoft Certified Professional since 2011
- Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional Since 2014
- Former Microsoft employee
- Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community founder

Talk: Building geo-distributed API with Azure Functions - developing, testing, deploying

Building cloud-native apps is a relatively commonplace thing nowadays. But – are you truly utilizing all the potential cloud provides you with? One of the biggest benefits of any cloud is that you can use preconfigured reliable geo-distributed services to host your app, database, files, etc.

During this session I will share my learnings about building a geo-distributed API with Azure Functions. I will share my thoughts about how Azure Functions differs from Web API. I will show how to create a single entry point for your Azure Functions and let the Azure do the internal geo-routing for you. I will share the best practices of monitoring your geo-distributed Functions not only from infrastructure, but from the application perspective as well.