15:00 - 15:45

Track B

Azure Architect & DevOps Consultant


I've been working with Microsoft Technologies for over 15 years. Both developing applications as building and managing infrastructure on the Azure Cloud

Talk: Take your network security to the next level on Azure PaaS

Ever used SQL-server in Azure? If you did, you probably added your ip-address to the firewall whitelist to be able to access it from your dev machine. You checked the ‘allow azure services checkbox’ which allows a web app for example to access your database. I believe in the layered security model where we add different layers on top of each other to strengthen our security. By enabling that ‘allow...’ checkbox we just pealed off one important layer of security. All a hacker now needs to get your data is a service on Azure and a leaked password.
Over the last year there were quite a few features released in Azure that help us prevent this. In this session I will show you how you can add additional security layers using virtual networks, Azure Private Link, Service endpoints, VPN connections and more. You see me build a demo in which we completely lock-down a database and API and let a front-end application access that securely.