12:00 - 12:45

Track A

Janne Siera
Software Engineer
F# Software Foundation, Siera Solutions
For All


In my career as a self-employed software consultant I strive to always be learning something new. While a lot of my work is with C# and TypeScript, I love to make code simple and declarative, and employ tools like functional programming and F#. I tend to focus on maintainable and evolvable software. Through my work I am able to play with things like microservices and Domain Driven Design, and that can be a lot of fun. The end goal is always to provide real value to the end-user or client. I'm always excited about automating systems where there is real leverage in employing software, making the day-to-day work more enjoyable for all humans involved.
Besides building software I like to talk about software, besides learning I also love to teach. To this end I give talks and workshops at meetups, conferences and private companies.

Talk: A taste of functional programming with F#

F# is a pragmatic functional-first programming language. Leveraging functional concepts like immutable data structures and discriminated unions it enables us to write simple and expressive code with less accidental complexity. The functional programming model can often simplify the way we think about code and the system as a whole. In this talk, you'll get introduced to some ideas of functional programming and you'll learn the fundamental building blocks of an F# program. We'll build on your experience with C# to make things as intuitive as possible. Afterward, you'll have an idea of what F# is about and you'll be able to start writing your very own F# programs. No prerequisite knowledge of functional programming or F# is assumed.